HEPA Air Filters

HEPA Filters

There is a broad range of filters available to meet your air filtration needs and at APSS we have the experience and product knowledge to advise you on the best kind of air filter to ensure peak air performance in your environment.

One of the most efficient filtration products is the HEPA air filter. HEPA Filters (High Efficiency Particulate Air) are a regulated air filter that must remove a set percentage (usually 98-99%) of all particles that pass through the filter, which is often a requirement in medical, research and pharmaceutical facilities as the use of HEPA Filters aids in the prevention of airborne contamination.

If you are looking to install HEPA air filters in a new building or you want to organise a HEPA filter replacement, call us today at APSS and let our experienced team and expert technicians help you achieve high quality air.

APSS can also undertake the NATA testing and certification of existing or new HEPA filter installations.

If you do require a HEPA filter within a hospital or government environment, or any other workplaces, rest assured that at APSS, our trained technicians understand onsite regulations and protocols and can work within them.

With over 35 years of experience in the industry, you can be confident that when you appoint APS Sydney to handle your air filtration needs, you will get the best advice, quality products, high service standards and optimal performance from your filtration equipment, with minimal disruption to your environment.

With a dedicated focus on air filters, our team is also across the latest technologies, innovations and advancements to ensure premises achieves absolute effectiveness in clean air solutions.

We also dispose of any products we replace in an environmentally friendly manner and where possible, we always use environmentally-friendly, sustainable products to ensure better air outcomes for you and the environment.

APS Sydney technicians are extensively trained, insured and are reliable while they can work cohesively with existing contractors and we guarantee workmanship. We can also assist with emergency breakdowns.

Need to source quality HEPA filters in Australia matched with expert advice and trained technicians? The solution is to call us today at APSS.

Breathing fresh air is fundamental for the safety and wellness of all humans so if you have a need for clean air, no matter the size of scope of your building, simply call us today at APSS.

We can handle fabrication and installation as well as the very important process of scheduled servicing and maintenance, while we are also on call for emergency repairs.

To organise the installation of an air filtration system, or the service, repair or replacement of your existing air filter, call us on (02) 9821 3840 and take a breath of fresh air in service and quality.

ISO Cleanroom Classifications

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