Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you save me money on my current filter purchases?

With the majority of filters being imported from overseas the market has never been so competitive as it is today, savings can be made through filters by knowledge and application, utilising the experience people who manage your filtration can achieve great savings for clients.

2. How often should I replace my filters?

Filters are replaced on a pressure differential, many case studies have been carried out and it has been recommended that when filters reach a resistance of 125 Pascals or 0.5 inches wg, they should be changed. This is because it becomes less economical in fan energy cost to run a fan above this resistance than it is to replace the filter itself. Clean Filters Save You Money!

3. What Size Filter Or Quantity Of Filters Should I Use?

Often filters are selected on the size of the surface area of the FCU (Fan Coil Unit) rather than the air quantity. Panel filters are designed to operate at a face velocity of 1.8 m/s which often requires the filter surface area to be greater than the surface are of the FCU. When the filter surfaces area is compromised the filter efficiency and dust holding capacity changes as well allowing dust to penetrate into the airstream.

4. My Filters Don't Seem To Be Performing Well?

This is a common problem and many reasons could be given why this is occurring here are just a few; the air flow capacity is greater than the filter capacity, incorrect filter selection, filters are not fitted into the plenum correctly allowing air bypass to occur, the filter has not been changed for a while or has collapsed in the plenum.

5. I Recently Changed My Suppliers And Found My Filters Aren't Lasting As Long?

This situation does arise from time to time and many reasons are also given, other than the obvious where abnormal long dry spells have occurred the atmosphere contains more dust and pollution than normal. Other reasons are that the physical attributes of the filter have been changed or the specification of the filter has.

Should you have any questions that have not been mentioned above please feel free to contact us where our experienced technicians will assist you further.


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