Carbon Filters


APSS carbon filters utilise 3 layers of differing filtration. Firstly a particulate filter that removes dirt and dust from the air, which uses carbon granules to ensure maximum airflow and eliminates the common problem of carbon pore blockages. Secondly, the activated carbon layer, which removes unwanted gases and odors and thirdly a two inch filter layer that prevents the migration of carbon granules.

A carbon filter from APS Sydney is packaged to the highest standard ensuring the filters are not active prior to installation.

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Our team of expert technicians has extensive product knowledge and experience in all elements of filtration and can help enhance your indoor air atmosphere, no matter the size or scope of project.

From small restaurants to casinos and hotels, APS Sydney has over 35 years of experience and has worked in many different environments to achieve optimal air quality.

We also take our environmental responsibilities very seriously and endeavor to use the most sustainable products and solutions available, as well as removing and disposing of waste in an environmentally friendly manner.

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Clean-Pak Tech Data

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IAQ-99 Carbon Panel

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Vari-Pure V

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